Vision and principles

Have you wondered what is IT’s role in the climate crisis?

Can we create technological solutions that agree with an ecological future? Have you wondered why we don’t work together with Facility Management to put their recycling system on every corner? How come we only have plastic cups at ScrollBar? Why does ITU not mention ecological development or sustainable goals in its vision and values? So have we.

Our vision:

We want ITU to be a leading knowledge institution for a future that is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable within a local and global context. Our vision is that:

  1. IT University implements sustainability in its general management and organisation.
  2. IT University integrates sustainability in its education, research, and services;
  3. IT University creates a substantial foundation for sustainable development.

Furthermore, we aim and work towards the following sustainabilty principles described in the boxes below.

Sustainability principle

Towards a substantial foundation for sustainable development

Creating major involvement through sensitization and communication and by offering the opportunity of participating in the ITU sustainability policy.

Combining the sustainability policy with numerous other strategic projects from the Strategic Plan, which are focused, directly or indirectly, on sustainable development.

Collating expertise and interest in sustainable development, in terms of education, research, and business management and by realising and reinforcing learning networks.

Entering into alliances with governmental organisations, commercial companies, social and political parties involved in the sustainability agenda.

Annual reporting of a sustainability report.

Sustainability principle

Making students sufficiently familiar with social, ecological and economic sustainability issues and with possible solutions.

A university-wide elective course ‘Sustainable Development’ can be an important first step in this.

Integrating sustainable development in the entire range of education.

Further stimulating research with a view to a socially just, ecologically and economically feasible sustainable future.

Offering local and global scientifically supported services in terms of sustainability to wider society.

Integration of sustainability in education, research, and services.

Sustainability principle

Implementing sustainability in business, management, and organisation

Committing to sustainable energy management, sustainable mobility, sustainable food, sustainable purchasing and resource management, and ecologicalgreenery management within general management.

Developing tools to make general management structurally sustainable and effective in the long term.

Committing to trial projects demonstrable in the short term and with the aim of making the university community more aware of the importance of sustainabledevelopment.


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