Current projects

There's a variety of ways in which ITU can improve and take active steps towards becoming a more ecological, sustainable and green institution. The projects listed below are just selection of the solutions we have on the drawing board. But we need your help to realise these projects and continue to create more.

Collaboration between RethinkIT and Analog

For the Pilot project we have had a great collaboration with Analog who have shown huge interest in our solutions and green initiatives. We have created an alternative to the disposable cups. It is now possible to choose reusable cups. We really appreciate all the support Analog have shown and this is a great step in a greener direction. Any decrease in the use of these cups is a major win. In the upcoming weeks we are working on more sustainable solutions to implement.

Upcoming projects

We are in dialogue with ScrollBar to also replace their disposable cups with reusable plastic cups. But several difficulties must be solved in order for this to become reality. Let us know if you have any ideas, solutions or thoughts you want to share with us!

So many ideas, so little time! There are still many things we could improve to make ScrollBar not only the best university bar in town, but also the most sustainable. Please let us know if you have any ideas or want to join the preparations for the next project.

The first goal in Analog is to figure out an effective way to reduce the use of disposable cups while still maintaining an efficient workspace for the baristas. But there’s also been talk about finding a better use of the overwhelming amount of coffee grinds that are thrown out every day: more about this to come soon.

Food waste, organic food and plastic wrapping are heavy topics within the climate debate. These are very relevant areas to look at for upcoming projects with EatIT. If you have any ideas you wish to share, join us for the Thursday breakfast!

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